Newspapers Canada releases 2014 Daily Newspaper Circulation Report

Newspapers Canada has just released new circulation data for Canadian daily newspapers. In 2014, Canada’s daily newspaper circulation (paid and free) stood at 5,312,018 copies on an average publishing day and 31,765,434 copies over the course of a week. There were 91 paid dailies in Canada last year and 13 free dailies for a grand total of 104 daily newspapers. There were eight less daily newspapers publishing by the end of 2014: one paper ceased publishing, two papers merged and six free distribution papers closed.

The 2014 Daily Newspaper Circulation Report shows that daily newspapers (91) accounted for a total of 4,043,553 copies on an average publishing day and 25,406,685 copies over the week. Free daily newspapers (13) accounted for a total of 1,268,464 copies on an average publishing day and 6,358,749 copies over the week.

The 2014 report also shows that the number of newspapers with paywalls or metered access in 2014 was 38 in addition to one newspaper with a free tablet edition. In 2013 La Presse introduced a free tablet edition branded La Presse+ and in 2015 The Toronto Star will also launch a new tablet product.

The report includes a separate breakdown of digital circulation (paid and non-paid combined) for those papers that include this information in their circulation audits. The total weekly digital circulation is more than 6.3 million copies, an increase of 7.7% over 2013.

The 2014 Circulation data report calculates total circulation levels based on AAM, CMCA, CCAB or owner-provided data. CMCA and CCAB currently provide data based on a 12-month period ending December 31st. For those dailies audited by AAM, data from two six-month Snapshot reports, ending March 31st and September 30th, has been averaged to provide a 12-month picture.

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