Vividata: Most explosive readership growth is on digital

Canadians love to read, but the way in which they read is changing.  The most recent Vividata fieldwork reported significant growth in digital platforms of newspapers, with 54% of Canadians now reading their daily newspapers on a digital device during the week.

The shift to mobile readership is significant; digital readership has more than doubled since 2012 and cross-device readership has increased more than 400%. Readership via a desktop/laptop continues to decrease as mobile and cross-device readership continues to grow exponentially, with more than 70% of digital readers now using multiple devices to read newspapers.

The ability to read newspapers on a digital device has attracted a different reader. Nearly 60% of cross-device readers are male, under 39, and much more likely to have a bachelor and/or postgraduate degree than the general newspaper reader. The challenge for Vividata is to measure the “what” and the “why” of cross-platform and cross-digital readership.

Learn more about the changing demographics of newspaper readers in this INMA blog post by Vividata representatives.

Most explosive readership growth is on digital