Newspapers still deliver in print

Every week 79 per cent of Canadian adults read a newspaper in print or digital format, in the top 20 markets, as measured by Vividata.

In today’s digital age newspaper publishers have become multi-platform content providers.

Despite the dramatic growth in digital media, newspapers continue to dominate as a print medium with three quarters (74 per cent) of weekly readers engaging with the print product, and 46 per cent with print exclusively.

The remaining 54 per cent read newspapers on a variety of digital platforms (including computer and mobile), but more than half of those digital readers are also still reading their printed newspaper.

These findings come from the most recent release from Vividata. Vividata is a leading provider of cross-platform audience measurement for Canadian newspapers and magazines, at the national, regional, and local market level. The 2016 Q2 release provides a wealth of readership and product data based on a 12 month sample of 40,000+ in 49 markets across Canada.