Young adults have strong trust in newspaper ads

Research from News Media Canada confirms that young Canadians are a trusting lot.

Data from the 2018 Trusted and True study finds that adults under 35 years old have higher than average trust in traditional media advertising, particularly in newspapers.  More than half (54%) trust printed newspapers and 47% trust newspaper websites.

Young adults also have equally high levels of DISTRUST for ads in social media, online banner ads and mobile devices. Almost one in three (31%) distrust ads in social media.  And despite the strong reliance on everything mobile, four in ten young adults don’t trust advertising on their mobile devices.

These results echo those found in the Australian news study, commissioned by NewsMediaWorks, “The Company You Keep”.  It found that Australian readers aged 18-34 show less trust in Social, Search and Online despite being the most trusting age group across all media.

“While millennials are often perceived as disengaged with traditional media, opting for online streaming devices and social media platforms, galaxy research discovered that readers aged 18-34 trust ads in newspapers more than any other media and more than any other age group.”