Support your local economy with the Proud Advertiser campaign

The Proud Advertiser program was developed for all newspapers to run year-round to support their local economy.

Publish house ads recognizing your advertisers and then deliver your custom Proud Advertiser stickers to them so they can display their support for your community as well.  Once your stickers have been displayed throughout town in the windows of local business supporters you can remind your readers to support these advertisers with phase 3 house ads. Looking for small space or filler ads?  Download ad material to promote the Proud Advertiser program by clicking here.

“Our Main Streets and the livelihoods of our neighbours and friends are at stake. We need to do all we can to make people aware of the long-term consequences of their buying practices – both good and bad. We have the capacity to spread that awareness and we feel a sense of responsibility to do so. This Proud Advertiser campaign really helps to further underscore our message and brings another layer of credibility to our comments. Thank you News Media Canada.” – Kim MacAulay, President/Publisher, The Clipper Weekly, MB

Hundreds of publishers across the country are running Proud Advertiser locally and receiving positive response from their advertisers.  Find out more online by clicking here or contact Kelly at for more information.