Boomers are among the strongest newspaper readers

The Newspapers 24/7 research provides insight on newspaper reading habits, by platform and by time of day. The rise of digital platforms (phone, tablet, computer) has provided Canadians with alternative methods of accessing newspaper content.  In fact more than half (52%) of all newspaper readers are accessing on both print and digital platforms.

Boomers have always been strong print readers but they are also accessing newspaper content online. They like to start and end their day accessing newspaper content, on any platform.  Boomers represent almost 40% of the population and outnumber any other generation. In addition they have higher net worth and greater disposable income than the younger generations.  Read more about the untapped market of Boomers by clicking here.

“They’re active, healthy, they have money to spend, they’re interested, and they’re curious,” said Dr. Doug Norris, senior vice-president and chief demographer at Environics Analytics. “I don’t think many businesses have tapped into exactly how different they are.”

Download the fact sheet with research from Newspapers 24/7 that includes reading patterns of Boomers and other target groups by clicking here.