New industry house ads encourage readers to support local advertisers

News Media Canada has released NEW ad creative designed to encourage readers to shop local and support the advertisers that support their local newspaper and local economy.

Newspapers can download ads in a variety of sizes in print and digital formats to feature in their newspaper and on their news sites.

Three quarters of newspaper readers (74%) believe it is important to support the advertisers in their local newspapers.

The COVID-19 pandemic has put a lot of stress on small/independent business. Statistics from the Canadian Federation of Independent Business (CFIB) show that supporting local is critical to small business survival, now more than ever. Almost nine in ten (86%) business owners surveyed by CFIB feel that making an extra effort to shop local this year is critical to small business survival. Business owners also indicated their worries surrounding the second wave of COVID-19 (77%), economic repercussions of the pandemic (67%), and the decreased consumer spending that may remain even after the pandemic ends (59%).

Data from the CFIB collected by Maru/Matchbox also shows that 95% of Canadians believe supporting small businesses is important in keeping the economy healthy. “We are in a pivotal moment for small business recovery. Canadians’ concern that some of their favourite businesses may close is not misplaced – [research] shows that Canada may lose 158,000 small business before the end of the pandemic, particularly as many continue to face dramatically lower sales,” said the Canadian Federation of Independent Business (CFIB) president Dan Kelly.

The role that local advertisers play is more important than ever to keep communities and businesses thriving. Newspapers in particular can support their advertisers and elevate awareness of the importance of shopping local by running the ‘Put Your Money Where Your House Is’ ads. The house ads are available to download in a variety of sizes (2”x7”, 4”x2”, 5”x5”, 10”x3”, 10”x7”) in addition to the source files.  Where possible, newspapers can add their own logo or even a local advertiser’s logo to the ads.

“There’s a reason we all have a favourite independent coffee shop, gym, or flower shop—they give us terrific service, grow local economies and make our communities more vibrant and unique,” says CFIB President Dan Kelly. “Buying local is one of the most important things Canadians can do to help our economy recover quickly.”

Click here to view the Advertise Local 2021 ad campaign creative.