How do you market tourism when travel is a non-starter for most Canadians?

In December, the Globe Content Studio launched The Art of Winter for Travel Alberta to give Globe readers a taste of the true beauty of Alberta from the safety of their homes.

“Winter is a season that usually drives many Canadians to escape south, but in a year without travel we felt this was our chance to get Canadians to see winter in Alberta differently,” says Chris Gairdner, content director at Initiative. “We knew we couldn’t just show them the views they’d seen before. We needed a way to romanticize Alberta’s most magical season – and we felt it should be through the eyes of their local artists.”

Data from Globe Insiders—a customer intelligence panel comprising more than 4,500 Globe readers—suggests now is a smart time for brands in the travel and lifestyle space to launch campaigns to maintain brand awareness before the landscape is re-saturated with competitors. According to a recent Globe Insiders survey, one of the top things people are looking forward to in 2021 is travel.

Eleven artists created custom works on the theme of an Alberta winter filled with light and magic. This immersive visual world showcases visual, audio and text by the Albertan artists to draw visitors into the virtual travel experience.

“We know that Canadians miss discovering new places in person, so this campaign is a way to let them do so virtually through art,” says Globe content strategist Jessica Robinson. “We believe this program resonated so strongly with readers because it combines our longing for travel with our desire to stay safe and support local—including local artists and communities.”