Subscriber retention insights from INMA

A new INMA blog post on new subscriber retention examines what retention for news looks like.  INMA members in a recent master class on retention share their five most valuable subscriber retention tactics. In addition, an analysis of 428 news sites shows the “aha” moment when readers become truly engaged.

There are many different metrics for reader engagement and retention points, including active days, progress in the reader journey, accomplished actions on a site or in an app, and elements of on-boarding.

“Appel and his team built a propensity to churn model, analyzing the correlation with 70+ metrics. They found that among subscribers least likely to churn, most visited on four or more active days. So, what is the average retention point for news sites — four or eight active days? “From a subscriber retention standpoint, I’d focus more on a four active days threshold. From an audience development and advertising standpoint, I would aim higher,” answered Appel.”

Click here to read the INMA blog post By Greg Piechota.