Your Levelling the Digital Playing Field headlines for July 13, 2021

Postmedia pushes for federal, industry-wide legislation on payment for content by tech companies (The Globe and Mail)

Postmedia CEO Andrew MacLeod wants to see the Canadian government emulate Australian regulators and create a framework that forces tech platforms to pay all news organizations for access to their work.

Danish media club together to make U.S. tech giants pay for news (The Financial Times)

About 30 news organizations in Denmark have joined forces to help negotiate with Facebook and Google. This is the first time in Europe where a broad-based coalition has come together to collectively pursue claims with tech companies. Read more from INMA here.

Postmedia chief executive renews calls for legislation forcing tech giants to pay for content (Financial Post)

Postmedia CEO Andrew MacLeod said he is disappointed the federal government has yet to pass legislation to level the playing field between domestic publishers and foreign tech giants. He also said he is concerned a recent content deal between certain rivals and Google will hurt the bargaining position of smaller publishers.

Google fined more than $500 million in France over treatment of news publishers (The Wall Street Journal)

France’s Competition Authority fined Google $593 million for allegedly violating orders to negotiate paid deals with news publishers, raising pressure on the company in a global fight over how and whether tech companies should pay for news.

The French regulator said that Google had violated its April 2020 orders that the company must negotiate with publishers for the right to show snippets of their content in its search results.