Latest report from Vividata shows readership for news content holds firm

Results Vividata released the results of their Fall 2021 Canadian consumer survey late last week shows that seven out of 10 Canadian adults catch up on the news at least once a day.

According to the results, about 82 per cent of individuals aged 50+ check the news at least once per day. Another interesting revelation contained within the study was that while four out of five Canadian adults have the same or more trust in newspapers in the face of growing “fake news” and “misinformation”, nearly 2 out of 3 have less trust in social media as a news source.

Other important results included:

 42% of Canadians agree, “I worry that fake news is stopping me from seeing what’s really going on”; and 70% agree, “The health of our democracy depends on journalists reporting the facts accurately”.
 After healthcare professionals, news brands (print or digital platforms) remain the most trusted source for information on COVID; continuing to achieve a higher rate of trust than government, television, radio, and other media.
Two out of five adults read/accessed community newspaper content in an average week via print or digital platforms, with higher rates of readership occurring in communities with a population under 100,000.

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