Supporting a healthy, responsible media ecosystem

A few weeks ago, we told you about the Canadian Media Manifesto, an initiative of the Canadian Media Directors’ Council (CMDC), an association of Canadian media agencies that works to ensure a strong marketplace, that asks media leaders to commit to supporting a healthy responsible media ecosystem.

In a new piece published by Globe Media Group, the Council’s president, Shannon Lewis, explains why now is the right time for the media community to pledge their commitment to the cause.

The Canadian Media Manifesto, she says, is about working towards achieving three goals. The first is to create a robust environment where local journalism can thrive. The second goal is to create a diverse range of channels for advertisers to speak to consumers. The final goal is to facilitate an engaged citizenry.

You can read her full interview by clicking here. If you are interested in supporting the Media Manifesto, you can click here to learn more and how to get involved.