Mindset and En-Tête awards for excellence in mental health reporting are accepting entries

Entries are now open for two Mindset and two En-Tête awards for excellence in mental health reporting in Canada during 2021. Four main prizes of $1,000 are available.

The categories in both languages are workplace mental health and the mental health of young people, the latter being offered for the first time as the awards family expands. There are no entry fees and applications can be made by media organizations or by individual journalists responsible for the work.

Mindset awards are given for work in any medium published or broadcast in English, while En-Tête awards are for such work in French. The awards are linked to the leading pair of mental health reporting guides in Canada, written for journalists by journalists – Mindset: Reporting on Mental Health; and En-Tête : reportage et santé mentale. The guides are in their third editions, with more than 13,000 copies in circulation.

All awards are offered by the Canadian Journalism Forum on Violence and Trauma, the charity responsible for the content of the guides, which are supported by the Mental Health Commission of Canada. They will be determined by four independent juries.

Full details of the competition rules and online application process are on the Forum’s website in English and French. Entries close on February 11. Finalists in all four competitions will be announced by the end of March and prize presentation events in May will once again be determined according to public health conditions.