New Newspapers 24/7:2022 readership research that will spark conversation

News Media Canada’s latest research presentation – Newspapers 24/7: 2022 – shows that newspaper readership remains strong in the digital age.  The original study, launched in 2012, was designed to explore weekly newspaper readership on different platforms and at different times of the day.

The 2012 results showed that newspapers still stood strong at 85% readership.  And now in 2022, weekly readership has edged up slightly to 86%.

Ten years later, the digital tsunami has only picked up speed and continued to boost readership of newspaper content. Canadians are plugged in like never before, and newspapers and news media are clearly holding their own across all generations.

Local news is all around us and powers our conversation in all types of settings, from first dates to main street meet-ups to the last video call of the day. The local newspaper provides reliable stories to spark that next great conversation.

As part of the 2021 National Newspaper Week campaign, funded in part by the government of Canada’s Department of Canadian Heritage, News Media Canada began a new conversation with consumers to see how their view of newspapers had evolved over the last decade. The research was conducted in November and December 2021 among 825 Canadians through an online survey.

Download the 2022 Newspapers 24/7 presentation from the News Media Canada website here.