Jack Webster Foundation announces recipient of 2022 Shelley Fralic Award

Jennifer Thuncher, editor of the Squamish Chief, has been announced as the recipient of the 2022 Shelley Fralic Award, which honours a B.C. journalist who identifies as a woman, and who exemplifies Shelley’s legacy as someone concerned with excellence in journalism and making her community a better place.

Thuncher is an outstanding leader, mentor, beacon of journalistic effort and integrity, and community advocate.

Over the years, journalism interns and graduates, many from Langara College, have been sent to Thuncher as their introduction to the real world of journalism. She continues their education, teaching them how to be ethical and compassionate, tough and fair.  It is apparent that the most idealistic of these students, the ones interested in social justice and making the world a better place, love their time with her. She sees journalism as a real mission and also one that is always informed by her community.

Like Shelley Fralic always did, she doesn’t let herself think that being a journalist puts her above regular citizens. She sees herself as one of them, but able to put their concerns in the spotlight through rigorous and sensitive reporting.

You can read more about Thuncher’s achievements – and the award – here.