Brunswick News editor-in-chief named to ‘Top 25 under 35’ class

Jackson Doughart, the editor-in-chief of Brunswick News has been named to Editor and Publisher Magazine’s Top 25 under 35 class for 2023.

Doughart, 31, is featured along with dozens of up-and-coming media workers across North America. In the winner’s announcement, Doughart does a short question and answer feature. His questions and answers are included below:

Q: What advice do you have for other young professionals in the news industry?

A: Jump at every opportunity to work across functions (e.g., sales, editorial, marketing, product) and learn the whole business, not just one specialized area.

Learn how to interpret and discuss data as our industry becomes more analytics-focused.

Get off of Twitter. It’s bad for you.

Q: How do you bridge the gap between traditional and digital journalism?

A: Reward journalists for breaking out of the print workflow. We must update our readers early and often to build a relationship with them.

Be transparent about growth progress and show people the path to a sustainable, digital-dominant business.

Adapt the presentation to the audience. A five-part series used to work for print, but it doesn’t engage online readers the same way. We need to package enterprise journalism so readers can digest it at their own pace and so the work can have a lasting impact.

Two other Canadian media workers were also recognized for their outstanding potential and achievements. The CBC’s Natascia Lypny and Cara McKenna, an editor with IndigiNews were also named to the 2023 class.