Journalism Forum launches program to provide free short-term mental health counselling for freelancers

Canadian freelancers at home or abroad can now apply for free, timely and confidential counselling when they have experienced mental health issues in response to an acute work stressor.

The Trauma Assistance Fund for Canadian Freelancers, launched earlier this week by the Canadian Journalism Forum on Violence and Trauma, aims to start filling a long-standing gap in resources for some of the most vulnerable journalists, including reporters, photographers and others who work in an increasingly troubled industry without access to employer benefits.

To begin addressing this, the new fund will provide and pay for time-limited access to confidential counselling for freelancers within Canada and Canadian freelancers working abroad, including Ukraine and other conflict zones.

Successful applicants will be matched with appropriate counsellors, working in either French or English as required, by Dr. Anthony Feinstein, a psychiatrist with world-leading expertise in the mental health of journalists, whose initiative led to the creation of the program.

To apply for assistance go to