Millennials read newspapers: New industry advertisement now available

Younger readers (Gen Z and Gen Y/Millennials) are strong readers of newspapers in digital and print, driven by access on their phones. They are active in exploring alternate ways of accessing newspaper content like e-papers, podcasts and smart speakers.

Gen Y (Millennials), born between 1980 and 1995 (age 27-42), account for almost 30% of the adult population now. And they are also the strongest consumers of news and newspapers – nine out of ten report reading a newspaper on any platform over the course of a week. Gen Z are between 19-26 years old, and account for a smaller portion of the population (about 10-15%), but they are also strong readers.

Based on research results released in 2023, News Media Canada has produced an updated house ad in a variety of print and digital formats for publishers to run in their printed pages, on their websites and on their social media channels. Click the image below to view and download ad material.