Newspapers 24/7: Different generations access newspapers in new ways

Younger generations are powering a shift in consumption habits, whether it is through print/e-papers, podcasts or smart speakers.

Millennials were the original digital natives, but Gen Z takes digital engagement to the next level, as you can see by their willingness to access news through e-papers, podcasts and smart speakers in the chart below. They were the early adopters of smartphones, social media and streaming websites, so this is no surprise.

  • Gen Z demonstrates the strongest readership numbers when it comes to e-papers, double the engagement of adults 18+.
  • Gen Y and Gen Z are equal supporters of accessing news through podcasts.
  • Gen Y leads slightly when it comes to smart speakers.
  • All generations appear to equally engage with newspaper newsletters.

This data is part of the recently released Newspapers 24/7: 2023 study which can be accessed online by clicking here.