Exploring the digital shift in Canadian news consumption via e-editions

A recent episode of Ad Canada’s Local Edge video podcast examined how a significant portion of Canadians are turning to newspapers e-editions, helping boost digital engagement.

The episode looked at the challenges and opportunities of digital transition, the demographic shifts in readership, and the innovative ways newspapers are engaging with their audiences online.

Claude Heimann, President of Totum Research Inc., and Lisa Sygutek, owner of The Crowsnest Herald in Blairmore, Alberta, and President of the Alberta Weekly Newspapers Association. They share insights on how digital formats are not only preserving but revitalizing local journalism in the digital age.

Joe Hyrkin, CEO of Issuu, offers his expertise on how digital publishing platforms like Issuu are facilitating this shift, enhancing accessibility, and adding interactive features that enrich the reader’s experience.

Whether you’re an advertiser, a community member, or simply a news enthusiast, this episode provides a comprehensive understanding of the digital evolution in local media.