Revenue generating ideas for newspapers

Apps, monetizing social media, leveraging announcements, extending the brand into new areas and sponsorships…. these are a few of the over 30 revenue generating ideas from around the world that will be presented by Suzanne Raitt, VP Marketing & Innovation, CNA/CCNA. The webinar is free to newspaper members and will be held on September 14. Go to and sign up before September 21 to receive a special discounted package price.

Below is brief summary of the ideas that will be presented during the webinar.

Advertising: Interesting opportunities abound including: advertorial content repurposed, unique ad shapes & placements, featuring advertisers in loyalty program initiatives, offering sponsorships and monetizing advertisers’ social media.

Building audience: Ultimately we are selling advertisers valuable audiences. We need to build, secure and grow our audiences. This can be done in a number of ways including: loyalty programs (particularly ones that encourage more interaction with the paper and increased purchases from advertisers), leveraging announcements, considering opt-in paid models and using social networking to build online traffic.

New Products: New revenue can come from launching relevant products. For instance, newspapers can use existing expertise and offer it to new audiences. Other opportunities include: content-driven contests, targeted emails, exclusive club membership, apps and applying the brand in new (yet appropriate) areas.

Events: Readers are interested in the journalists and the advertisers in the paper. Let them meet and greet. Alternatively use your real estate – you may be situated in an attractive location that allows the newspaper to host a unique event inside or out. Or own a special event that engages the community.