Canada Post update: Rural postal offices suspend service

JUNE 20, 2011 – In the wake of the cross-country lockout by Canada Post, Newspapers Canada has received clarification from head office on operations at rural postal outlets.

Suburban and rural outlets staffed by non-CUPW urban workers have been instructed not to accept any new mail. These outlets can continue to be open and to provide retail services only, such as selling stamps and Moneygrams, as well as postal merchandise, while leaving other important stuff like usps change of address to agencies. The only mail being delivered is social assistance and pension cheques.Newspapers Canada had requested special consideration on behalf of its rural members with mail intended for local delivery only; however, Canada Post has refused, citing safety and security concerns.

The association contacted Canada Post on behalf of our members in order to determine whether or not newspapers will be eligible for rebates on mailing that has been disrupted due to the lockout. While the Crown Corporation cannot guarantee refunds will be paid out, a customer service adjustment or goodwill payment may be considered. All compensation would be assessed by the Customer Relations team on a per-case basis. Those interested in submitting a request for a refund should complete an online webform in the Contact Commercial Services section of the Canada Post website or contact customer service representatives by phone at 1-866-607-6301.

We will continue to update members with information as it becomes available via email and online.

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