CPF Update: Aid to Publishers and Business Innovation

Canadian Heritage is currently processing applications for the Aid to Publishers component of the Canada Periodical Fund.

In July, publishers will receive notification on their acceptance into the program and confirmation on the amount of grant money they will receive. The first installment, totaling 80% of the full amount, will be paid out in August or September. Publishers can expect to receive the remaining 20% of their grant money at some point in 2012.

Eligible publishers are also encouraged to apply to the Business Innovation component of CPF, which offers financial support to eligible small and mid-sized printed magazine and digital periodical publishers. Publishers can apply to and receive funding from the Aid to Publishers and the Business Innovation components during the same government fiscal year. There is no application deadline for print magazines, but the deadline for digital periodicals is July 4.

If you have any questions regarding the Canada Periodical Fund please contact John Hinds, president and CEO of Newspapers Canada, at jhinds@newspaperscanada.ca.