New industry reports for daily and community newspapers

Newspapers Canada has released two new industry reports highlighting advertising and circulation revenues for Canadian newspapers. The surveys show increased online revenues for both daily and community newspapers.

2011 Daily Newspapers Q2 Revenues Report
Online advertising revenues are the good news in the Q2 Revenues report for daily newspapers, posting a 23.1% increase over the previous period in 2010. The report includes detailed information on mobile revenues, which have been broken out from overall online statistics for the first time to provide a more comprehensive look at digital revenues.

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2010 Community Newspapers Year-end Revenue Analysis Report
For community newspapers, the 2010 community newspaper revenue report reveals that online advertising in community newspapers increased by 22.9% over 2009. The newly released survey also shows that total advertising revenue for Canadian community newspapers in 2010 was over $1.16 billion (both print and online). Corporate chains, independently owned newspapers and regional newspaper associations participated in survey.

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The daily newspapers Q2 Revenues report, the 2010 community newspaper revenue report and other industry reports are available to all CNA and CCNA members in the Members Area on the Newspapers Canada website.