BarZ Adventures joins Newspapers Canada

BarZ Adventures has joined Newspapers Canada as a sustaining/associate member. Based in Austin, Texas, BarZ Adventures designs and develops multimedia, location-aware smartphone apps. The company has been working with print publications, magazines, TV stations, and other organizations across North America since 2005.

“We are excited to join Newspapers Canada, and we’re looking forward to working with their members,” said Wm. Lee Little, CEO and founder of BarZ Adventures. "We are seeing more and more publications seeking to grow their digital revenue. BarZ Adventures offers innovative solutions that easily allow for you to generate revenue in the growing mobile world."

"We’re pleased to welcome Lee Little and BarZ Adventures as our newest sustaining/associate member," said John Hinds, chief executive officer of Newspapers Canada. "BarZ has launched a unique Smartphone app platform and we’re glad to be able to help deliver this mobile marketing opportunity to Canadian newspapers."

About BarZ Adventures

BarZ Adventures has developed a location-aware, multimedia Smartphone app platform that enables your publication to edit and publish a Smartphone app quickly and easily. This SAAS solution is a perfect tool to generate revenue by creating any sort of specialty or niche app such as: What To Go See And Do, Dining and Entertainment, Visitors and Relocation Guides, Chamber of Commerce Directory and much more. By using our software, you can easily offer your audience a mobile solution within a matter of weeks and generate revenue by selling advertising space on the app.

For more information, download the PDF brochure or contact:

Wm. Lee Little
CEO and Founder
BarZ Adventures
P: 512-732-0135 x 101