OCNA launches new Digital Media Study for community newspapers

The Ontario Community Newspapers Association (OCNA) has released a new Digital Media Study concerned with community newspaper publishing in Canada and the United States. The report identifies various ways in which independent community newspapers can achieve significant growth in their online advertising revenues. The study also includes a best practices overview in the areas of contests, couponing and co-op advertising, as well as a digital dashboard to assist community newspapers measure their progress in growing their digital ventures

The Digital Media Study, which was conducted by Borrell Associates and partially funded by the Collective Initiatives program at Canadian Heritage, is the first phase in a two phase project being undertaken by the OCNA. Data from the study will utilized by the association in the development of the second phase – the creation of a website template that will be offered to OCNA member newspapers

Andrew Martin, who coordinated the study, will be making a presentation on the study results at OCNA’s Spring Convention on March 22.

Click the links below to view the OCNA Digital Media Study materials

A French version of the study is available on request.

For more information, please contact Anne Lannan, executive director for OCNA and AdReach, at a.lannan@ocna.org or 905-639-8720 ext 228.