On the Record: Is it Really Consent without Discussion of Consequences?

The Canadian Association of Journalists (CAJ) ethics advisory committee has released a new report on the methods journalists use to gain consent from their subjects and sources, especially those who are vulnerable and/or marginalized. The discussion paper asks if journalists should be obligated to disclose any potentially harmful consequences of revealing private information in order to obtain informed consent from their sources.

Is this a radical notion that potentially undermines the press’ ability to serve the public interest or should journalists take more care when dealing with vulnerable people?

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Panel members: Meredith Levine, of Western University’s graduate journalism program; Kathy English, Public Editor at the Toronto Star; CBC Ombudsman Esther Enkin; and Julian Sher, Senior Producer for CBC’s the Fifth Estate.

Levine and Sher will lead a workshop dealing with the questions raised in the discussion paper as part of the 2014 CAJ conference in Vancouver, May 9-10.