NADbank and PMB release spring 2015 readership studies

Today the amalgamated organization of NADbank and PMB released two new studies measuring magazine and newspaper readership in Canada. The NADbank 2015 Study provides comprehensive daily newspaper readership and media usage for 41 daily newspapers in 18 markets, surveyed throughout 2014. Specific newspaper readership data is provided by title for print and digital platforms.


  • Newspaper brands still reach over 70% of Canadians every week.?
  • Paper copy readers have drifted down about 2% per year over the past five years.?
  • Digital readership has surged, increasing 40% since 2010.?
  • Four of 10 readers now access their newspaper content on a digital platform.
  • Mobile readers grew 30% in one year to more than 1.7 million readers per day.
  • Newspaper readers are spending 46 minutes per day with paper copies, and 30- ?40 minutes per day with digital versions
  • Young Canadians (18-34) do read newspapers, with 70% accessing newspaper ?content each week. Not surprisingly, they are more likely to access digital copies.
  • More than three quarters of Upper Income ($100K+ Household Income) and Managers/Professionals read a paper each week.

The PMB 2015 PMB Study provides print readership information for 79 magazines and five newspapers, and generic digital magazine readership. The study also provides comprehensive consumer marketing information on media usage, demographics, lifestyles and attitudes. Data was collected over a two-year period ending December 2014.


  • Over three quarters of Canadians read a magazine in the past 3 months.
  • Each magazine issue is read, on average, by about 5 people, unchanged from 2010.
  • Time spent increased to 49 minutes per issue (from 41 minutes in PMB 13).
  • Young Canadians (12-34) also read magazines, with exactly the same reach (77%) ?and titles read (2.5 per month) as the general population.
  • Generally hard to reach targets remain strong magazine readers, with higher ?penetration among upper income and managerial/professional Canadians.
  • Digital magazine readership grew by 67% over Fall 2014, and has almost tripled in ?2 years. ?

What’s Next: The New 2015 Study
The new survey is a continuous 52-week study using online methodology, with a representative annual sample of 36,000 Canadians aged 12+. The new study went into field in January 2015, with the first release of new study data starting July 2015, and quarterly releases thereafter.

The new 2015 Study will provide audience details for print and digital platforms on a title-specific level for both magazines and newspapers, and comprehensive consumer data on media and product usage, demographics, lifestyles and attitudes. The quarterly release schedule will deliver a timelier picture of consumer behaviour and market changes.

About the amalgamated organization of PMB/NADbank
On October 30, 2014, Canada’s two pre-eminent print media measurement organizations, PMB Print Measurement Bureau and NADbank, amalgamated as one association (to be named in the next month). The new organization, serving over 500 members, combines the resources of Canada’s magazine and newspaper industries, advertising agencies and their clients to fund a single study that will measure print and digital assets together, and provide up-to-date information on Canadians’ media, product and brand usage.