Vividata releases 2016-Q1 study of Canadian Consumers

Readership of daily newspapers remains strong with eight out of 10 Canadian adults reading newspapers each week according to the new 2016-Q1 Canadian Consumer study released by Vividata on July 26, 2016.

Print is still important; on the average weekday, 70% of adults read print and digital or print only, and 30% read digital only. On the weekend, the print format dominates at 52 per cent print only, versus 40 per cent during weekdays.

The study also shows that readers of all ages continue to engage with newspaper brands. Over the average week, daily newspapers reach 77% of Millennials (18-34 year olds) and 85% of adults 50+. Digital and cross platform readership is strongest amongst Millennials, at 38%, 18% higher than for adults 50+.

“Given the evolving media environment, with shifts in media behaviour and mobile usage, Vividata leveraged our ability to refine the questionnaire for the 2016 survey,” says Sara Hill, president and CEO for Vividata. “Working closely with our Research Committee, the 2016 survey was designed to identify the most up to date insights with added focus on digital readership behaviour.”