Canada Post and CUPW extend mediation by another 24 hours

AUGUST 29, 2016 – Canada Post and the Canadian Union of Postal Workers (CUPW) have once again agreed to extend mediation by 24 hours in order to continue talks through Tuesday, August 30.

CUPW was in a position to launch job action, consisting of an overtime ban, after midnight tonight but will put its plans on hold while negotiations continue. Mail and parcels will be delivered across the country as usual.

The two sides have been at the table since Friday with a special mediator appointed by the federal government. During that time, CUPW announced job action plans twice—first in Alberta and the Northwest Territories, and then British Columbia and Yukon Territory—and then extended mediation twice, averting job action. CUPW has indicated that its job action plans would consist of employees working their scheduled hours but refusing to work overtime. The overtime ban would rotate to different provinces and territories each day. It is expected that the job action would have little impact on Canadians.

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