Full page ads outperform smaller ads

Does size matter? Is bigger better? Newsworks in the UK answers these questions on the effectiveness of ad sizes in successfully driving recall, attention/recognition, engagement and action, with support from the RAMetrics database. Larger ads are noticed more, with 66% of readers recalling full page ads (vs 56% for half page ads and 52% for quarter page ads). On almost every metric full page ads generate significantly better results compared with their smaller counterparts.  But at the end of the day, great creative can still trump size.

Key Newsworks findings:

•        RAMetrics data shows that ad size has a big impact on ad performance. Full page ads outperform smaller ads on every measure 

•        Full page ads are given more attention – 26% of readers paid close attention compared with 19% for half page ads and 17% for quarter page ads.

•        Larger ads are easier to understand – 46% found full page ads very easy to understand, but only 41% felt the same about half page ads and just 35% for quarter page ad.

•        The larger the ad, the more appealing readers find it – 30% of readers found them personally appealing versus 21% for half page and 19% for quarter page ads.

•        Full page ads are more likely to prompt action – 25% of readers would recommend the company/product, whereas half page ads and quarter page ads both scored 15%.

•        Lumen eye-tracking also demonstrates that people are more likely to see larger ads – full page ads are viewed by 92% of people on average whereas half page ads are viewed by 81% of people. Likewise, readers are spending longer looking at full page ads than half page ads – with average dwell times of 3.3 seconds versus 2.2 seconds respectively.

Read more from Newsworks here: www.newsworks.org.uk/resources/does-size-matter.