Support your local economy with the Proud Advertiser campaign

News Media Canada has launched a new program that helps publishers celebrate the relationship they have with their valued advertising partners, their Proud Advertisers.

Supporting and nurturing the local economy is the best way to keep your community vibrant and healthy.  Every dollar spent in your community crosses the street at least several times before it leaves.  Every dollar spent out of town never returns.  When residents and businesses support local establishments everyone wins.

Publishers are encouraged to run the first phase of the Proud Advertiser campaign and recognize their Proud Advertisers in their newspaper, in print or online.  Then order your FREE custom stickers so you can deliver them to your advertisers and let everyone in the community know that LOCAL matters.  And consider writing an op-ed to let your readers know how the paper supports the local economy and share some ideas for readers to show their support too.

The next phase of the campaign will be released soon with ad material that will encourage consumers to look for the Proud Advertiser stickers and support the local businesses that support the local newspaper.

Contact Kelly at with any questions.