Le Devoir, Always There!

In 2015, Le Devoir launched a strategic marketing campaign to rejuvenate the publication’s image by focusing on bold comedic advertising concepts. This allowed Le Devoir to attract a new readership across all their news platforms.

The “Always There” campaign allowed the publication to demonstrate a newfound capacity for fresh and witty content found off the beaten track, going against the classic and serious image of Le Devoir.

As part of the campaign, Le Devoir created a series of videos to support field marketing tactics (such as admail, free promotional copies, and flyer distribution) that targeted former subscribers of La Presse’s print edition.

Results for this campaign

Across the province of Quebec, the campaign has helped increase the number of subscriptions to their Saturday paper edition by 22%. In the Greater Montreal alone, it generated up to a 28% increase.

With regard to videos and GIFs posted on social media, Télé-Québec’s website and Le Devoir digital platforms, they:
– have been seen nearly 850,000 times;
– generated about 5,000 reactions;
– generated nearly 600 comments;
– were shared nearly 900 times;
– generated 45% of the 25,000 visits to the microsite during the campaign; (https://www.ledevoir.com/papiersamedi)
– generated nearly 10% of subscriptions earned during the campaign.

The videos were very well received and drew media attention as well as great enthusiasm among the general public. Want to check them out for yourself? You can see some of them here: