Inside Facebook’s plans for local Canadian news

Facebook is bringing a program which originated in the U.S. to Canada.

Today, Facebook Canada pressed play on its Local News Accelerator program. The initiative, which will represent a $2.5 million investment in the news ecosystem, will bring participants from 11 different outlets (including The Discourse, Village Media, Glacier Media, London Free Press, The Tyee and others) together for a 12-week program focused on understanding resources and undergoing training in digital audience development.

The publishers included in the program are:

  • Brunswick News
  • Daily Hive
  • Winnipeg Free Press
  • Glacier Media
  • Le Soleil
  • London Free Press
  • Northern News Services
  • The Discourse
  • The Tyee
  • Vancouver Observer
  • Village Media

To read more about the program, click here.