Newspaper reading happens throughout the day

The Newspapers 24/7 study not only examines readership by platform, it also looks at key readership times throughout the day.  Newspaper reading varies at different times during the day, with the strongest reading period after dinner.

There is a clear pattern to readership throughout the day.  Readers start their day finding the news that matters to them, then check the news again mid-morning.  After lunch there is a gradual climb to an end-of-day peak after dinner as the day comes to a close.  Most print reading happens early in the day (before lunch) while digital reading is consistent throughout the day.  Multi-platform readership (print AND digital) is strongest at breakfast and lunch.

“Both print and digital newspaper sources play a unique and distinct role in the lives of Canadians. Readers start their day with the comprehensive and in-depth reporting of a print newspaper, and stay up-to-date on breaking news with digital as the day progresses.” – Claude Heimann, Totum Research

More details on the Newspaper 24/7 study can be found online by clicking here.