Here’s a ‘how to’ guide on how to submit your information to the Competition Bureau

Information regarding the process of submitting information to the Competition Bureau, as well as the type of information we are most interested in is under the heading “Sharing information with the Competition Bureau”.

Parties can use our online form to provide written submissions, or send them to:

Submissions can be made in a letter format, with any documents or records of relevance attached.

When preparing your submission, you are encouraged to consider the following topics:

  • Identification of past or ongoing conduct in the digital economy that may raise competition concerns, including but not limited to the types of conduct identified in the Bureau’s call-out paper;
  • A description of how this conduct has impacted, or is likely to impact, the ability of rivals to effectively challenge the incumbent firm(s); and/or,
  • Potential explanations for why certain digital markets appear to have become, and remain, highly concentrated.

Given that the Bureau’s investigations and analysis are fact driven, please provide as many specific facts related to the above topics as possible.