Audience attitude survey identifies most trust news brands: Vividata research

In a recent INMA blog post, we find that Vividata research provides an opportunity to segment and examine newspaper audiences based on more than just basic demographics.

Three specific segments make up 52% of Canadian adults in Canada and all share a trust in newspapers: Traditionalists, Digital Content Conscious, and Media Obsessive. They all find newspaper brands to be the most trusted and in-depth source for news and information. By understanding these segments, newspaper brands can better strategize their content and advertising.

“When it comes to news, different segments have different preferred experiences.

  • Traditionalists want news in one place in a printed copy.
  • Digital Content Conscious want the efficiency of digital access from any device.
  • And the Media Obsessive segment wants newspaper brands to be just one news source (though their most preferred) out of many.

However, all these segments have one thing in common: They turn to newspaper brands for trusted, in-depth coverage.

In the presence of fake news and quick yet inaccurate presentations of news from independent parties, newspaper brands remain recognized for in-depth, trusted coverage.”