La Liberté releases second edition of Sciences Mag Junior

In an effort to help parents, family members, and teachers find answers to children’s not so simple scientific questions, Manitoba-based La Liberté has released the second edition of its Sciences Mag Junior magazine.

Together against the Coronas! continues on its objective of empowering children and their families understand COVID-19 protective measures. The original magazine, No Mercy for the Coronas, was published in May and examined the coronavirus and the human immune system.

To date, the first edition has been downloaded more than 175,000 times. All hard copies, in both French and English, have been distributed, and requests for reprints have been granted by the thousands.

The second edition of the magazine was inserted in the Winnipeg Free Press and The Carillon in English and in the November 25, 2020 edition of La Liberté in French, free of charge to all subscribers.

It is also available online for free at The e-magazine will be readable and downloadable in both English and French.