Total advertising revenue in 2019 surpassed $15 billion

Data from the 2019 Net Advertising Volumes (NAV) Report reported more than $15 billion total revenue in Canada. The internet accounted for the largest percentage of reported media advertising revenue at $8.8 billion (58%), followed by television (21%).

Revenue from newspapers and radio were essentially tied for the third largest share of the total reported media at 9% and 10%, respectively. While out-of-home and magazines made up just 5% and 1% of the industry advertising revenue, out-of-home has grown 39% in the past ten years.

Daily newspapers reported total advertising revenue of $777 million, and community newspapers reported $630 million. Together, this equals total newspaper revenue of $1.4 billion across Canada. For both daily and community newspapers, local/retail advertising makes up the largest portion of revenue at 32% for daily and 51% for community newspapers respectively. Revenue from online advertising represents 28% for daily and inserts represent 26% for community newspapers. Click here for more information on newspaper revenue and to download the 2019 Net Advertising Volumes report.

According to new data from Group M, retrieved from Media in Canada, Canadian newspapers saw a decrease of 40% in ad revenues for 2020. Similarly, magazines saw a drop of 45% from 2019, likely due to the hit that print media has taken as a result of COVID-19.

Due to the pandemic, there was a sharp decline in almost all sectors of the media industry, however many sectors are expected to bounce back after the pandemic, according to Group M.