Here’s how you can participate in our ‘Disappearing Headlines’ campaign

As part of the support for our Levelling the Digital Playing Field initiative, News Media Canada is providing member publishers with a new ad campaign called Disappearing Headlines to run the week of February 1.

Daily newspapers should run the campaign on Thursday February 4 for maximum impact across the country. The print campaign features a false front page with only your masthead and a bottom banner, followed by an open letter to the government on page 2.

The demand for news these days has never been higher. Canadians deserve access to news content that is researched, written and verified by professional journalists. Most Canadians can’t imagine life without a functioning and effective free press.  No one wants blank news pages but without government action to address the monopolistic practices of Google and Facebook, this is the reality we face.

Publishers are provided with different ways to participate in the Disappearing Headlines print campaign.

  1. False front page with bottom banner + full page open letter on page 2
  2. Full page open letter on any page
  3. Publish open letter as op-ed with credit

Source files (InDesign) are available for download to create custom sizes.  Ad material for all options (bottom banner, full page open letter and op-ed copy) can be downloaded from the Publisher Resources section of the Levelling the Digital Playing Field site.  Digital material is also available to download by clicking here.

Click here to view all available resources

Let’s show Canadians what would happen if the news was not there when they needed it!

Please confirm your participation by clicking here and let us know if you have any questions.