Put your money where your house is: Local newspapers are good for business

Local newspapers are good for business. Just ask Salisbury House, a legendary local chain of Winnipeg restaurants. When Sal’s found their dining rooms suddenly shut down due to COVID-19, they turned to a new business model and an old friend.

The new model was to sell “heat and eat” meal options ready to take home. The old friend was the Winnipeg Free Press, which Sals has relied on for many years to reach its customers. The response to full-page ads in the newspaper was so strong that Sals often sold out its daily features to hungry customers who couldn’t visit their favourite restaurant. In good times and bad times, local advertisers turn to their local newspapers to sustain and grow their businesses.

Now is the time to “Put Your Money Where Your House Is”. Nine out of ten Canadians believe that supporting small business is important to a healthy economy.  Newspapers can encourage advertisers to buy a local ad and ask readers to support the local businesses that keep your community and its newspapers thriving.

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