MacNeill receives prestigious international news honour

Paul MacNeill, publisher of PEI’s Eastern Graphic, received a prestigious lifetime achievement award from the International Society of Weekly Newspaper Editors during its annual conference at the University of Kentucky last weekend.

According to award criteria, it is “presented not for a single brave accomplishment, however deserving, but for a career of outstanding public service through community journalism and for adhering to the highest standards of the craft with deep reverence for the English language that was the hallmark of Gene Cervi’s writing. The award also recognizes consistently aggressive reporting of government at the grassroots level and interpretation of local affairs.”

In a LinkedIn post, MacNeill said: “PEI is a special place to live and work. Local journalism matters, with or without recognition, but this is the type of honour that puts a spring in your step.”

The first Canadian to win the Cervi was Graphic founder Jim MacNeill in 1994. You can read more about Paul’s recognition here.