Winnipeg Free Press continues its 150th anniversary celebrations with special event

As part its efforts to mark its 150th anniversary celebrations, the Winnipeg Free Press has inspired an exhibition at the Winnipeg Art Gallery called Headlines: The Art of the News Cycle, explores the news and how we consume it.

According to the Gallery’s website, Headlines: The Art of the News Cycle taps into something essential. As news media has an ever-increasing impact on the way that communities talk about the world, the lines between the media, the community, and the individual are becoming blurred. Headlines will further contextualize the art on display with exhibition design that mimics a newsroom.

Free Press editor-in-chief Paul Samyn wrote that readers will have a chance to see that historic first press, whose ink began an indelible tradition, which we hope will continue to leave a mark on this city and province for another 150 years.

You can read more about the exhibit here.