New initiative that drives investment into responsible journalism launches

Group M and Internews have launched a new initiative called Back to News that aims to give clients access to vetted local, national, and international news sites that represent high-quality advertising environments.

“We’ve seen the damage that mis- and disinformation campaigns can do to social cohesion and trust in institutions,” said Kieley Taylor, GroupM’s Global Head of Partnerships.

“We believe advertising can play an important role in fighting this trend by supporting the creation of shared realities rooted in credible, fact-based journalism. What’s more, we know that investing in news delivers results for brands: ads seen on high quality news sites are perceived as 74% more likeable and receive 20% higher engagement than the same ads on lower quality sites (IAS). Through Back to News and our partnership with Internews and its Ads for News initiative, we’re able to simultaneously drive results for our clients and demonstrate the power of media to positively impact society.”

In 2020, the IAB produced a research report on the impact of the so-called ‘News Trust Halo’. One of the key findings of this report was that brands see significant positive benefits when advertising with news. For example, 47% of News consumers found that brands
that advertise in the news were more customer-focused, and innovative.