News Media Canada welcomes changes to Canadian Journalism Labour Tax Credit

News Media Canada, which represents 570 news publishing titles across Canada, welcomed the changes to the Canadian Journalism Labour Tax Credit announced in the Government of Canada’s Fall Economic Statement.

“The environment for publishers – large and small – is extremely challenging,” said Dave Adsett, chair of News Media Canada and publisher of the Wellington Advertiser. “For local journalism to survive, it needs to be supported by the community and by online companies who benefit from the fact-based, fact-checked work our hard-working journalists produce.”

“These changes recognize the extremely difficult state of the industry and today’s realities of attracting and retaining talent, and reward publishers who invest in and grow their newsroom,” said Paul Deegan, president and chief executive officer of News Media Canada. “Local news is vital, and this targeted investment is both timely and necessary.

“Government and business advertisers need to step up too,” added Mr. Deegan. “Advertiser support is critical to growing newsrooms and, in this era of ‘fake news’, to ensuring Canadians are properly informed about real issues that affect them and their families.”

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