The second life of Corriere Canadese

Joe Volpe, the long-time publisher of Corriere Canadese, the only hardcopy daily newspaper in Italian in North America, penned an editorial last week to celebrate ten years since the publication rose from the ashes of bankruptcy to continue serving its loyal readers.

“When [The Corriere Canadese] suspended operations in 2013, few people were willing to “step up” to restart it,” Volpe writes.

“Donato Montesano, thought it was a jewel too precious to cast aside. He approached some friends, Sam Primucci, Tony Pascale and eventually me, to join in an endeavour to keep the name and the voice alive. He and they deserve recognition for “keeping the faith”.

Permit me to underline that this “network of creators and producers” meets every morning to filter the day’s events through a lens that will keep you informed, interested and pleased to say you are an integral part of the success that the rest of Canada sees the Corriere Canadese to be.”

Corriere Canadese is the third oldest daily newspaper in The Greater Toronto Area.