Significant engagement with newspaper e-editions, research shows

A new study done by Totum Research shows that more and more Canadians are accessing the electronic editions (E-edition) of printed newspapers for local news content.

How Geography Impacts Shopping Habits, Patterns and E-Commerce reported that more than 40 per cent of Canadians had read an E-Edition in the past week.

E-Edition engagement reports higher among Canadians in urban markets of 10,000 population or more. About 42 per cent of respondents indicated they had engaged with an E-Edition in the last week. When measured along with the printed product, the readership increased to nearly 60 per cent.

While overall weekly E-Edition/Print newspaper engagement in Canadian communities with a population of less than 10,000 is similar to that of larger communities, readership in smaller communities continues to skew towards the print edition of the newspaper.

The study was undertaken in February 2023. It involved 2,492 English speaking Canadians (excluding Quebec) and focused on how the size and location of their home community affected their media consumption and shopping habits.

You can read more about the study’s findings by clicking here.