Newspaper readership remains strong according to latest NADbank study

More than three in four Canadians read newspaper content across print, digital and mobile platforms each week according to the latest readership study by Newspaper Audience Databank (NADbank).

Overall reach of daily newspapers in Canada has remained stable, with a slight decline in print readership off-set by the growth of online and mobile readership. The 2013 study also shows that nearly six out of 10 readers choose to read only print editions while move than one in three Canadians consume online newspaper content each week.

NADbank President, Anne Crassweller, says the results show “newspapers continue to offer Canadians the quality content readers are looking for. The stability in readership is due to strong newspaper brands broadening their distribution of content across new digital platforms.”

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The 2013 Readership Study provides NADbank members with access to newspaper readership results for 85 Canadian newspapers and two Detroit newspapers in 53 markets across Canada. Readership information is also available for 63 community newspapers in 35 markets. The survey covers the readership habits of 75% of Canadian adults.

NADbank is the principal research arm for the Canadian Daily Newspaper industry and a tri-partite organization whose membership is comprised of daily newspapers, advertising agencies and media companies and advertisers. NADbank conducts annual readership, product, retail and lifestyle category studies in urban markets across Canada.

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