Reaching young adults with newspapers

Research from Newspapers Canada and Vividata’s new cross-platform study confirm that Canadians are reading newspapers more than ever, including young adults.

Vividata finds that newspapers reached 56% of Canadian adults 18+ “yesterday,” compared to 48% for adults aged 18-34. In addition to the print reading habit, almost three quarters of young adults also read a digital version.  Vividata’s new measurement is capturing reading across multiple digital devices including laptop/PC, mobile phone and tablet/e-readers.


Newspapers Canada’s Newspapers 24/7 study, conducted in 2014, finds that readership among young adults (18-34) continues to grow across multiple platforms – print, web, phone and tablet. Over the course of a week 85% of young adults reporting reading a newspaper in some format.

Newspapers Canada is currently updating this research with 2016 results available in the spring.