Study finds social media users not interested in buying

Recent research from eMarketer demonstrates how Facebook users engage with ads. One key finding: many consumers just aren’t interesting in buying something while they are on social media.

In fact, only about one third of U.S. internet users reported clicking on a Facebook ad in the past 30 days, and Millennials were the least likely to click on an ad. In some cases users were not even sure whether they were clicking on an ad or a regular post, which is not surprising given the native-like appearance of Facebook ads.

Research from News Media Canada confirms that the majority of Canadians (71 per cent) prefer to use social media for communicating and sharing photos and videos with friends instead of looking at ads (25 per cent).

Moreover, one in five Canadians surveyed confirmed that they don’t even use social media, so contrary to popular belief there are still some people who can never be reached through social media.